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Timber Dining Tables Melbourne

At Natural Timber Décor we strive to make your home stand out with our unique and hand-crafted pieces of furniture. With over 20 years of experience, knowledge, and training the skilled and passionate team at Natural Timber can promptly design, craft, and install durable, visually-appealing, and functional timber dining tables. Perfect for either intimate family meals or hosting a large group of people our timber dining tables are able to provide the right atmosphere for your event. At Natural Timber Décor we can design and build either circular or rectangular tables depending on the size of your dining room or personal tastes.

Solid Timber Dining Tables Melbourne

Committed to ensuring the long life of your dining table the fully-qualified and trained team at Natural Timber Décor use the highest quality species of Australian hardwood for the best results. Hand-selected due to their durability and hardiness all of our cuts of timber are fully treated and can be stained to suit your home’s décor. Thanks to our approach and extensive range of outstanding timber varieties Melbourne home owners can contact us today to improve their home’s dining and hosting capabilities. At Natural Timber Décor our solid timber dining tables are perfect for Melbourne homes.

Extension Tables Melbourne

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